Working out is done better when we do it together. So grab your partner and take action to get in shape.

Couples Calisthenics is the ‘FUN’ back into fitness for several couples and partners. Using a partner’s bodyweight as well as bands for resistance would proved to have this group working hard and breaking a sweat. We take a slower approach, allotting time for each pair to figure out the exercises together along with our coaching. This allows everyone to connect and work together, feel the exercises in the correct form and get a challenging workout!

Two couples came to enjoy a fun date night, while another pair of friends swung by after a long day of work at the office. A few others even came solo and got paired with a partner right before the class!

After the class, participants enjoyed mingling, complimentary beverages supplied by Purity Organic, as well as a 50% discount at the Reebok store. A BIG thank you to everyone who came and rocked it out. Save the date for our next class – it’s guaranteed to be an awesome experience that you don’t want to miss!